Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Season of Changes

The idea of moving away has always been something that has excited me. As a young girl I used to dream of going to a boarding school in France, and then moving to New York after I graduated high school. I never did those things and the furthest I made it from home was about 300 miles, but the sense of adventure has always stayed with me. So, when I learned my husband was being relocated to Arizona I experienced the normal range of emotions from fear to elation at the idea of living somewhere I have never even visited.

I am now a few months into our move. I have settled in our new home for the most part, and I am developing a new routine for my days with my two young sons. It has been difficult in ways I didn't expect, and beneficial in ways I couldn't have predicted. My husband has suggested that I find a creative outlet, and I feel that I may need an emotional outlet, so I have decided to blog about the changes that I am facing both good and bad.

Whether anyone will read this, I don't know, but maybe there will be someone who might be able to relate to, commiserate with, or encourage me while I go through this new season of changes.